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By Sarah Virgil

As one of the top providers of long-term care and skilled nursing residences in Indiana, the team at CarDon & Associates understands exactly how important post acute care is in the healthcare continuum as a whole. Over 42% of Medicare patients are discharged to a post acute facility or care program, and with a steadily aging population, this number is only growing. In order to stay competitive and relevant in such a competitive market, the team at CarDon developed an organization-wide goal with three pillars:

  • Improve the patient experience of care
  • Improve the overall health of residents
  • Reduce the per capita cost of care

The CarDon team quickly realized that the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve this 3-part goal was to make sound business decisions based on data and insights. In the post acute sector, organizations have a wealth of data at their fingertips, but understanding what that data is actually saying can be a little more difficult.

“Using real-time analytics is a culture shift, and it doesn’t have to happen overnight,” said CarDon CIO Brian Peters at the 2018 Healthcare Sales + Growth Summit. “Healthcare companies don’t have to stay with traditional data tracking methods like blank sheets of paper. Teams can start the dialogue by offering ideas on KPIs (i.e. length of stay by payor, length of stay by diagnosis code, etc) and improve both strategy and outcomes from there.”

With a data-first attitude firmly in place, CarDon invested in a full-service healthcare CRM platform that enabled their team to dig deeper into KPIs and metrics to make educated, evidence-based decisions. Today, Peters and the rest of the CarDon leadership team have detailed insight into patient admissions, length of stay, readmissions, and discharges. This real-time visibility into patient metrics enables the entire team to be more productive and efficient, benefiting patient care on the back-end without increasing overhead costs.

CarDon has leveraged this new culture of analytics and real-time insight to successfully:

  • Deliver high-quality care to all residents across multiple communities
  • Proactively manage residents’ entire cycle of care
  • Address operational issues such as staffing, admissions, and even discharges

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