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By Brad Beutler


All it takes is one big idea to make a huge impact. This is what happened with, the Zionsville, Indiana – based healthcare relationship management company. In a recent profile published in the Indianapolis Business Journal, author J.K. Wall likened the growing company to another once-startup:

“Even though Salesforce is spending $760 million per ear on research and development, hc1’s exclusive focus in health care is already proving it has the upper hand in that field,” Wall writes.

The tremendous growth hc1 has seen in the last year, including raising another $14.4 million from angel investors, has only solidified it’s position as a global threat to the CRM giant. hc1’s cloud-based platform enables healthcare professionals and providers to personalize the healthcare experience for their clients and patients.

““When I order a book on, they treat it like a life-or-death situation if they deliver it to me. But if I go to a health care situation, where it actually is life or death, I get treated like a number,” hc1 CEO Brad Bostic said. “This is a really big deal. It’s a big game-changer about, how do you treat patients like individuals?”

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