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By Sarah Virgil

In a press release issued this morning, Ashion™ Advanced Individual Medicine™ (AIM) and® announced they will be working together to facilitate the delivery of personalized patient care through highly advanced medical solutions and treatment options.

Using hc1, AIM will be able to automatically create and store holistic patient profiles that include all clinical data, interactions, demographic, and behavioral information.

“Our ability to translate clinical and business data into insight that drives more personal and efficient care is perfectly aligned with the mission of AIM,” says CEO Brad Bostic. “Breaking down information and care silos drives patient engagement, ensures accountability, and improves the overall patient experience.”

Milissa Ray, Vice President of Administration at AIM includes, “With hc1, we are confident that a wealth of data will be utilized optimally to enhance each individual patient’s experience while accessing clinically important insights that may improve outcomes for all patients.”

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