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By Amber Molina

      Ever since the arrival of Electronic Health Records there have been complaints about the usability of the EHR system. In a recent article entitled "KLAS report says top EHR developers give strong support," Colin Buckley, director of research startegy at KLAS, explains how the current EHR systems are not exactly user-friendly. The EHR systems are supposed to help labs and hospitals better monitor their client relationships, but instead physicians are having to spend time figuring out how to utilize the system itself. In a world where Healthcare CRMs are becoming more and more of a necessity, it is essential these products are user-friendly is a cloud based healthcare CRM solution that offers laboratories and radiology departments a solution to the woes associated with EHR systems. There is an extensive onboarding process for the client which will enable them to become very proficient with Lab management tools, like Electronic Health Records, provide ways for laboratories to organize all their patients' data, but also offers a Business Intelligence feature that further enhances the profitability of using this solution by turning this data into actionable intelligence and real-time alerts.

      The addition of this Business Intelligence tool allows healthcare organizations to quickly analyze trends of orders and results, as well as turn around time and cost per test. This added Business Intelligence solution, along with an efficient method of organizing patient data, is why is the premeir Healthcare Cloud Computing solution. 

For a full list of benefits gained from the healthcare business intelligence solution, click here.


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