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By Sarah Virgil

The typical lab generates a huge amount of clinical and business data. Lab testing alone generates roughly 6.1 billion results annually in the United States. On top of this, laboratory information systems (LIS), billing, sales and client service systems also generate and store an abundance of information.

Inside all this data are the keys to operating an efficient and successful lab, if only labs could easily tap into the data and generate actionable insights.

Successful labs increasingly are investing in solutions to help them harness their data and glean insights needed to drive change. Using a healthcare CRM solution, high-performance labs are leaving traditional spreadsheets and manual data collection behind, and tapping into automated data collection and analytics to impact three main areas:

1. Lab quality. Dashboards that quickly show lab metrics, such as operational KPIs and compliance updates, can be accessed on-demand, and managers can drill into data points for more insight.

2. Operational effectiveness. Live analytics provide instant access to financial and operational information, which improves all areas of the facility, including account management, reimbursements, and provider outreach programs.

3. Better test utilization. Labs have the insight needed to reduce unnecessary and high-cost tests, use blood products more efficiently, and add value to provider relationships.

To learn more about how leveraging real-time data can help your lab thrive, join other healthcare leaders at the second annual Sales + Growth Summit. Learn more and register today:

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