Know Exactly Where to Focus

What Matters Most to your Business?


Do you know what the most critical issues are in your organization, at any given time? Do you have real-time data to show what areas need improvement and what's operating well so your time and resources are maximized?

By giving you access to real-time trends and data, aligns every department spanning the executive team, sales, client service, and operations. By providing a relevant, roles-based view of what's important to each department, focuses personnel on what matters most to the business.





The® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™enables health systems, laboratories, radiology groups, and more to identify and focus on their most important issues, drive task completion, and proactively manage provider and patient relationships. Adopted by more than 500 healthcare locations across the globe, enables healthcare organizations to deliver outstanding experiences to providers, administrators, and patients. is the only healthcare-specific relationship management solution on the planet that combines critical clinical and business intelligence in a single location that is accessible online. HIPAA-compliant, secure, and scalable, the solution continually evolves via consistent enhancements that are instantly available to all users. And rather than taking years to install and maintain, the activation process takes only months to complete.