Drive Closed-Loop Accountability

Action that Drives Transformation.

What if you could see at a glance all of the tasks and open client cases across your organization? And what if you could monitor the resolution of those tasks to ensure everything is completed accurately and with efficiency? And finally, what if you could see macro trends of cases and issues and be able to take further action on what may be slowing down your healthcare organization or costing you money? allows you to accomplish all of the above by providing a Communication Center portal that enables you to see what is happening across the organization and what actions are being taken to resolve issues. The Communication Center is also the hub of tasks and cases that are assigned to you, so you always know what should be top of mind. Collaborate in real-time across your entire organization and prioritize your day so you and your team are always focused on the most important tasks. is the ultimate Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ solution that engages everyone across healthcare organizations in the process of delivering outstanding experiences to providers, administrators, and patients. Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service, enables healthcare organizations to quickly resolve issues and ensure that problems never slip through the cracks. As a cloud-based solution that creates a real-time, comprehensive view of the critical interactions and activities associated with providers and patients, eliminates the delays and confusion that can result in potentially life-altering mistakes.