Communication Center

Avoid the "Dropped the Ball" Client Situation.

With the Communication Center, notifications about changes to your activities are front and center. Communication Center also provides a convenient, secure message service you can use to privately discuss and share healthcare information with other users.

Notifications Tab: The Notifications tab lists information regarding activities you have either created, modified, or been assigned or copied on.

Messages Tab: The Messages tab is where you create messages for other users and see the list of messages you have received.



Easily relate items (such as organizations, providers, contacts, or patients/tests) to a secure message that pertains to a specific case or task to ensure closed-loop accountability.

WIth the Communication Center, you and your healthcare organization can now answer the following questions:

  • What are the most critical tasks I need to drive on a given day?
  • Which assigned tasks are being worked on?
  • Will I know when these tasks have been completed?
  • What is the overall health of my business in "live" time?