Healthcare Insight & Alerts

Gain Critical Insight in 1 Click.

Your healthcare organization likely employs someone whose desk looks like a paper factory. Whenever you want to see an important metric, this person says, “I can find that”…but it could take weeks or months. Healthcare Insight & Alerts eliminate the mounds of paper, the manual reporting processes, and the delays. Instead, it gives your healthcare organization real-time visibility into important trends and patterns – at the click of a button. Critical intelligence can be accessed any time, anywhere, from any secure mobile device or computer.

How Sales Benefits:

  • Forecast with confidence by gaining a view into sales pipeline by stages / regions.
  • Recreate success by measuring return on activity and helping sales reps spend time in the right places.
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of ongoing client needs with an instant view of recently resolved or outstanding issues.

How Service Benefits:

  • Quickly evaluate how new client relationships are trending with a view of order volume and TAT trends.
  • Help service reps prioritize accounts and confidently resolve issues.
  • Immediately and accurately respond to client needs while discovering opportunities for internal improvement and provider training. 
  • Stay a step ahead of issues by viewing TAT trends and drill-down to specific tests.
  • Save valuable time by viewing orders and results, with the ability to quickly drill-down into specific orders based on order ID, patient name, provider name, or organization.

How Operations Benefits:

  • View overall order volume and TAT by departments, regions, and specific location.
  • Pinpoint trends in won and lost opportunities while gaining an accurate view into future revenue.
  • View upper and lower limits on actual TAT or sort by TAT from accession to result or order to accession and more.
  • Evaluate cost per test, reimbursement, and volume from a single visual.

Quickly Pinpoint Key Trends
Spend valuable time identifying key trends and creating an action plan rather than managing endless spreadsheets and reports.

Make Decisions with Confidence
Help key personnel within your organization confidently make decisions, turning reactive issue management into proactive problem-solving.

Customize What You View
Easily view specific client service challenges or general trends in areas such as TAT, order volume, and more – seamlessly drill-down to view the underlying client details that support key trends.

Win More Clients, Serve Them for Life
Gain access to the specific intelligence your organization needs in order to make every provider feel like your most important client.

Evaluate Intelligence From any Source
The Dynamic Data Cloud enables your team to view and evaluate LIS/RIS information and data elements from systems such as billing, inventory, financial, etc. within