hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Cloud™

hc1.com is the ultimate solution that optimizes relationships and information access for healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

With hc1.com, healthcare organizations:

  • Gain access to real-time, actionable healthcare insights that align sales, client service, and operations to acquire and retain clients.
  • Deliver superior service and patient care by leveraging a comprehensive, 360-degree view of provider and patient profiles.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by creating closed-loop accountability that focuses personnel on the tasks that maximize success.

Designed to meet the specific clinical and business relationship management needs of healthcare entities, the hc1.com solution has been adopted across more than 500 locations processing 200 million clinical transactions annually.

Cloud-Based Solution
hc1.com is a cloud-based service that’s available at any time, from anywhere, and does not require any hardware or software. hc1.com does not replace any systems your organization has already invested in. Instead, hc1.com leverages your existing systems in order to create a holistic view of your organization and its clients.