Interactive Intelligence hc1 App

Anticipate and Exceed Client Expectations.

In today’s environment of shrinking reimbursements and increasing competition, it has never been more essential for labs to increase operational efficiency while improving service levels.

The Interactive Intelligence hc1 App increases the operational efficiency of medical laboratory customer service centers while providing lab staff with the intelligence and tools necessary to better anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

With the Interactive Intelligence hc1 App, your lab is able to:

  • Improve the quality and speed of each customer interaction, directly impacting your lab’s overall success.
  • Quickly intercept client needs while seamlessly viewing a complete history of the relationship, including all clinical and business activities.
  • Better train and manage resources with a real-time view into active calls and call queue reporting.
  • Manage quality with ad hoc call recording capabilities, taking a highly customized approach to client care. 

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