The Chi Benchmarking hc1 App

Real-time KPI's Alongside Lab Benchmarks.

The Chi Benchmarking hc1 App provides labs with an operational breakthrough: the ability to monitor real-time trends and KPI’s alongside industry benchmarks. The app marries hc1 Healthcare Insight & Alerts capabilities with Chi Solutions’ unique Benchmarking Service.

hc1 Healthcare Insight & Alerts
The market-leading hc1 Healthcare Insights & Alerts solution enables your lab to instantly identify key trends and monitor ongoing performance via real-time dashboards that are available at the click of a button.

Chi’s Benchmarking Service
The proven Chi Benchmarking system empowers your lab with the ability to measure and track key performance parameters to identify variances and manage operational improvement areas.

With the Chi Benchmarking hc1 App, your lab is able to:

  • Instantly identify key trends and monitor performance via real-time dashboards – while easily evaluating performance against similar labs across the country.
  • Measure and monitor test complexity, productivity, cost per test, utilization, labor rates, and other critical benchmarks in order to identify variances and track progress toward achieving goals.
  • Compare performance against a designated peer group based on TCI range, annual test volume range, laboratory type, institution type, location, region, etc.

To view an online demonstration of the Chi Benchmarking hc1 App, contact