hc1 Apps

Stop Struggling with Data Silos.

If your healthcare organization is like most, your client and business data are trapped in several different systems. These information silos make it extremely difficult to drive timely action.

In fact, in a recent webinar held by hc1.com, over 50% of respondents said they log in to 4+ systems per day in order to do their jobs!

For the first time ever, your healthcare organization has the power to monitor real-time trends alongside industry benchmarks, manage call-center operations alongside essential client information, and more.

Introducing: hc1 Apps
hc1 Apps is a groundbreaking, cloud-based healthcare platform that extends hc1.com with additional functionality and analytics for high performance labs and radiology groups. That means that your lab or practice can be more efficient, take faster action, and better deliver on client needs – all from a single, secure location that’s available from any computer or mobile phone.

The Chi Benchmarking hc1 App
This app provides labs with an operational breakthrough: the ability to monitor real-time trends and KPI’s alongside industry benchmarks. The app marries hc1 Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities with Chi Solutions’ unique Benchmarking Service. Learn More.

The Interactive Intelligence hc1 App
With the Interactive Intelligence hc1 App, labs and radiology practices are able to anticipate and exceed customer expectations by taking a highly customized approach to client care. Learn More.