What Clients & Industry Leaders Say

See what industry leaders, clients, and partners are saying about the hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Cloud™.

Robert Michel, Editor-In-Chief, The Dark Report
"hc1.com is being adopted faster than any other solution I have seen over more than two decades in the lab market!”

Kathleen Murphy, PhD, CEO, Chi Solutions, Inc.
“This is the ideal, laboratory-specific solution for high performance healthcare organizations that are committed to continuous improvement.”

Bob King, Senior VP, South Bend Medical Foundation
"Many times, labs are looking at critical information so far in arrears, the window for taking action has closed. Now we can instantly access intelligence enabling our team to proactively address client needs. We are able to use what we learn in order to generate growth through client success."

Doug VanOort, CEO, NeoGenomics Laboratories
"We believe that health care is local, and we’re trying to help local pathologists to compete and be state of the art. The ability to embed data from our testing and their testing directly into the patient’s EMR is an important aspect."

Tom Tiffany, PhD, Former CEO, PAML
"I love what hc1.com's lab-specific CRM can do to transform data into actionable intelligence. Their built-in healthcare business intelligence capabilities enable labs to take proactivity to new levels. Instead of building a custom solution, labs can hit the ground running with real-time, valuable insight about each client relationship."

Jason Wells, CIO, Bostwick Laboratories
“[With hc1.com], it was clear we wouldn’t have to go in and design or build additional layers and could instead focus on optimizing our data using their dashboards and excellent drill-down capabilities. The user-friendly way that hc1.com presents intelligence will give us greater visibility across our divisions and various territories while saving significant time and resources.”

Scott Taillie, VP of Marketing and Development, Alere Toxicology
"Easily accessing information in a consolidated view enables us to analyze our own business and take action in the appropriate areas to improve our customer service."

Troy Reiff, RN, Director of Operations, St.Vincent
"Using hc1.com’s Critical Value alerts, St. Vincent is able to pinpoint hospital-acquired infection patterns as quickly as possible, preventing outbreaks, reducing the overall number of infections, and dramatically improving patient care."

Travis Morgan, CFO, Know Error
"Our sales have increased 70%, with hc1.com playing an instrumental role by helping us streamline communications with providers and gaining a clear, 360-degree view of client needs that’s accessible by every department."

Ken Cerney, CEO, Manhattan Labs
“The hc1.com lab-specific CRM solution, combined with real-time healthcare business intelligence, arms your lab with the knowledge necessary to enhance operational efficiency, fuel sales, and create lasting relationships.”

Kris Bailey, CEO, In-Common Laboratories
“When our internal team met during the evaluation process, we concurred unanimously on hc1 healthcare CRM and BI due to the capabilities of the solution and integration experience of their professional services team."