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Utilizing the Lab to Prevent Misdiagnoses

According to an article published in the Dark Daily, more than 5% of outpatients (over 12 million people) are misdiagnosed annually. This is a staggering number, especially when you think […]

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New Developments in Population Wellness

In a statement released on August 14, the Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup) announced the five cities that will be a part of their newest initiative – The Way to […]


hc1 Communities at the Mooreland Fair

What a privilege it was to volunteer my time at this year’s Mooreland Friends Ham & Bean Tent at the Mooreland Fair. Mooreland is a very small town (population around […]

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Identifying the Most Profitable Clients

In the world of molecular genetic testing, one test can run upwards of $10,000. Insurance companies, nervous about these rising costs and the lack of research surrounding the effectiveness of […]


Consolidating Your LIS

In healthcare, much like other markets, there are various systems that organizations need to fully streamline all of their operational, financial, and strategic initiatives. Healthcare organizations are also dependent upon […]

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