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What We Really Mean When We Talk About Real-Time

In today’s fiercely competitive healthcare cloud marketplace, real-time is an increasingly important factor. The multiple uses and meanings of this term have watered-down this once relevant term to a meaningless […]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthcare IT

According to The Healthcare Blog, a staggering 36% of healthcare service organizations reported that they had no digital technology or innovation strategy in place. This is coming at a time […]


Concepts for a Utilization Committee

As reimbursements shrink and healthcare budgets grow tight, health systems are looking for ways to save money wherever possible. Many organizations are now turning to Utilization Committees to proactively manage […]

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Aidan Brown Foundation 5K

The Aidan Brown Foundation aims to help children with cancer stay positive by providing much-needed distractions and aiding in connecting them to people, places and things that they love. We […]

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G2 2014 – Recap

This past week, hc1.com participated in the 32nd annual G2 Intelligence Lab Institute in downtown Washington, DC. We were proud to be the platinum sponsor of the event, and thank […]


Announcing hc1 Quick Start™

hc1.com is happy to officially announce the arrival of hc1® Quick Start™. This fast-track activation program enables health systems and diagnostic service providers to be up and running with hc1 […]

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